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Bone Bender MKI Fuzz (Tone Bender MKI)

Bone Bender MKI Fuzz (Tone Bender MKI)


Brand NEW BearFoot FX Bone Bender MKI 3-Knob! Adds a Bias knob for greater versatility! Based on BJFe Bone Bender MKI!



BearFoot FX introduces the NEW Bone Bender MKI Fuzz (3-Knob)!

The first ever Tone Bender, designed by one Gary Hurst in London, came about after he modified a Maestro FZ-1 for more sustain. When he did that, he opened up the floodgates for fuzz enthusiasts everywhere. From that initial opening comes the BearFoot Bone Bender MK1.

Using two NOS AC127 transistors, the Bone Bender combines the old with the new, delivering an extremely vintage-sounding fuzz that does just the trick for searing leads and roaring amps.

The newest iteration of the Bone Bender MK1 has a Bias knob, which keeps the transistors sounding fresh depending on the operating temperature. Yes, the rumors are true—hot or cold rooms can play tricks on your germanium stuff. The Bias keeps things under control. Or, if you’d just like a flavor selector for your fuzz, the Bias knob does the trick there, too.

The original Tone Bender is based on an old Maestro unit, and this is the sound of the MK1…it’s an extremely smooth fuzz where the zippery tone of the FZ-1 meets English engineering. The sound is unmistakably classic rock and solo-focused. The MK1 has also been engineered to stack well, giving it a modern versatility that the old units just can’t match.