Artist 20 head, cream. NEW

Artist 20 head, cream. NEW


The Single Channel Masterpiece
The one that started it all. Our fresh approach to amplifier design led to the creation of something very special: Artist 20+RT. This amplifier encompasses maximum tonal versatility, without compromising on tonal quality; delivering everything from shimmering cleans to warm, natural, harmonically rich overdriven tones. It’s powerful, portable, and works brilliantly with pedals and guitars of all types.

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· Single Channel EL34 amplifier
· 20, 7, & 2 Watt Power Modes
· Incredible Versatility
· A Superb Pedal Platform

· Signature Reverb & Tremolo Circuits
· 4-Way Quad Footswitch Included
· Line Level FX Loop
· Available as a Head or 1×12″ Combo