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2*12″ suede dogwood, unloaded

2*12″ suede dogwood, unloaded


When you need more volume, bigger sound, or the bigger presence of a 2×12 cabinet, look no further than the 2×12 speaker cabinet from Amplified Nation. These cabinets come in a few different styles, horizontal, vertical, or we can even build you a diagonal mount cabinet. The 2×12 is our favorite when it comes to capturing big powerful sound, and we’ve really knocked it out of the park in the ability to build one size cabinet that works with virtually any combination of speakers.



Like our 1×12, the 2×12 is available in tolex, carbon fiber, or suede. We included speaker wiring and mounting hardware and can work with you on any customization you might have. Back panels are mounted with threaded inserts and machine screws.