1958 Epic P.A.F. Aged

1958 Epic P.A.F. Aged



Vintage P.A.F Butyrate Humbucker Bobbin Black 49.2mm
Vintage 1959 P.A.F Alloy Keeper Bar Manufactured Exclusively for Klein Pickups
Vintage 1959 P.A.F Alloy Screws & Slugs Manufactured Exclusively for Klein Pickups
Vintage Threaded Long Leg Baseplates, 49.2mm Vintage Correct Nickel Silver Alloy
Vintage 1959 Magnet, Laboratory Analyzed 1959 P.A.F Magnet, 100% Identical Reproduction.
Vintage Nickel Silver Cover with Nickel Plating
Same Timbre and Dynamics as an Original 1958

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The best, truest sounding humbucker set for your Gibson Les Pauls or SG’s. This set uses all P.A.F parts, Vintage Correct Nickel-Silver Alloy base plate, double black bobbins, 42 gauge Dark Purple Plain Enamel magnet wire, a Real 1959 P.A.F Laboratory Analyzed Alnico Magnet, uses Our Specially Made Vintage 1959 Alloy Polepieces. Nickel covers, steel braided 2 conductor hookup wire, just like the originals. This set has a clear, sweet, fat low end that is strong and punchy. The top end is clean and has a great presence that balances great with the pickups punchiness. If you are in the market for a lower output early P.A.F humbucker tone this set is for you.

The Artists we have, have this to say about the P.A.F’s. They have the same Dynamics & Timbre as the originals and they have a real sweet (slight) compression in the mids and highs.

True 1958 Set: Neck & Bridge Average Output (7.2k). Middle also available for Triplet Sets.