1957 Epic P90, black Dogear

1957 Epic P90, black Dogear


The Epic Series 1957 P-90 Pickups. These P-90s are the best and most authentic 1957 sounding Vintage Replica pickups on the market.


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Vintage 1959 P-90 Alloy Screws Manufactured Exclusively for Klein Pickups
Vintage 50mm spaced, Correct Vintage Nickel Silver Alloy
Vintage 1959 Magnet, Laboratory Analyzed from a Real 1959 Gibby Magnet, 100% Identical Reproduction.
The tone of the pickups, is stunning and have the same Dynamics and Timbre as Originals. The neck is the warmest, fattest, punchiest pickup we offer, which has great drive, with a nice balance and has the clarity and lower mid drive that vintage pickups are known for and modern pickups lack. The bridge has more drive and bite, the mids have a lot more aggression which is just what Specials & Juniors are known for, but does not effecting the clarity or the treble frequencies. No need to worry about cutting through the mix with these 1957’s.

The Artists we have, have this to say about the P-90s. They have the same Timbre as the originals and they have a real sweet (slight) compression in the mids and highs.

Output: Neck 8.00k, Bridge 8.90k.