1955 Epic strat set

1955 Epic strat set



1955 EPIC SERIES Stratocaster Pickup Set Authentic in Every Way, These Pickups Need To Be In Every 50s Strat, This Is What A 50s Strat Sounds Like.

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This set is made to replicate exact fender 1955 pickups, in look, tone, and feel. This was taken from a set of 1955 pickups that were in shop for a rewind. Exact magnet strength of each pole piece, precise measurements, and the exact stagger is used in it’s construction. Cast Alnico 5 magnets, gaussed individually to exact 1955 measurements, taken from an Original 1955 Stratocaster Set. Wound with the exact same scatter wound pattern that all of Leo’s earliest winders used. Once the pickup is wound we lightly wax pot them to avoid microphonic feedback.