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Blue jean(s) blue

throbak sle101 waxed aged nickel 1 pcs mahagony body ready soon sold …………….

new amplified nation amps ………coming

dirty wonderland 50/22 dirty wonderland 22/10 dirty wonderland 50/22 dirty wonderland 22/10 wonderland overdrive 50/22

Bartel amps ,,,, coming

Roseland 1*12 reverb Starwood 1*12 reverb

Smart Belle amplification coming soon ………

The Smart Belle P51 Smart Belle amplification is a collaboration among two friends who have committed their lives to the pursuit of superior guitar tone. Lance Keltner, pro guitarist, gear developer and overall tone fanatic has played through a myriad of vintage amps and boutique amps over the years but was most inspired by the 70’s tones achieved by David Lindley. The explosive tones that c…