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Riot is a versatile high-gain distortion pedal




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Riot features an easy to tweak layout which includes Gain, Level, Tone and a three position Voicing switch.​ ​Dist: Adjusts the amount of gain added to your tone, taking you from classic crunch to high-gain heaven. Level: Adjusts the output of the pedal. Riot provides enough level to push the front end of any tube amp into natural overdrive. Tone: Shapes the overall tonal response of the pedal, from smooth and warm to cutting lead tones. Voicing Switch (three positions):​​​​
Left: Produces a natural, organic tone that responds dynamically to your guitars volume control. Middle: Puts you into high gain territory with a solid midrange, with a tight bottom end. Right: Produces a vintage high gain response, with excellent definition.
UNIQUE FEATURESRiot includes a number of unique features: True Bypass via a relay, Fx Link remote switching, and Low Battery Monitor. True Bypass: Riot is true bypass via a relay. This function allows for the remote switching, and the battery monitor feature. The relay produces less popping when switching the pedal on and off. FX Link: The FX Link connector allows the pedal’s switching function to be controlled from an external switch, pedal board, loop switcher, or any other custom interface. FX Link also provides the ability to power up in the On/Off state. ​ Low Battery Monitor: Riot incorporates a unique battery monitor that alerts the user to low battery conditions. In addition, the battery monitor will automatically switch the pedal to True Bypass if the battery voltage is too low for the circuitry to correctly operate.​