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FX amps in stock

new arrivals Classic plex ’68 creamy ovedrive Gold digger

Trad-T , ‘ 72 custom

coming soon trad-T ‘ 72 fralin wide range pickups alder bodes colors: black, sonic , 2 tone

Ramble Effects at Haar Guitars

Marvel Drive’s JFET based design is different than most distortion pedals. JFETs are a type of transistor which behaves very similarly to vacuum tubes. In fact, part of Marvel Drive’s circuit is identical to that of a plexi amplifier, substituting JFETs for vacuum tubes. Your search for the perfect plexi pedal is over! Marvel Drive delivers the KRRR-ANG, crunch, and growl that has defined rock to…

Cast engineering at Haar guitars

The Texas Flood overdrive pedal spawned from countless hours of research and development to take one of the highly acclaimed drive circuits that Cesar Diaz built for Stevie Ray Vaughan’s signal chain. You see, this circuit was one of several making up SRV’s tone. We wanted to create a standalone drive pedal that had all the magic of the Cesar Diaz circuit and then some. We brought more transparen…