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Fernando Pareta

Fernando’s new haar custom guitar

new Fulltone “Fulldrive 1”

“you should make a small Full-Drive that sounds like the early ones.” Tiny, powerful, beautiful, affordable. And as with everything Fulltone…100% built in the USA.

Klon KTR centaur overdrive

The original Klone Centaur by Bill Finnegan is one of the most sought-after effects pedals ever. Its creamy and thomann dynamic overdrive is appreciated and loved by countless professionals and it is also often used as a Clean Boost for warming up the signal In the last three years, Finnegan has been working on its successor, which enters the market in new housing. The new Klon KTR Centaur cor…

ThorpyFX, Thorphy effects now in stock

Fallout cloud Peacekeeper Gunshot The veteran The Warthog