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Fernando Pareta

Fernando's new haar custom guitar

new Fulltone “Fulldrive 1”

“you should make a small Full-Drive that sounds like the early ones.” Tiny, powerful, beautiful, affordable. And as with everything Fulltone…100% built in the USA.

Klon KTR centaur overdrive

The original Klone Centaur by Bill Finnegan is one of the most sought-after effects pedals ever. Its creamy and thomann dynamic overdrive is appreciated and loved by countless professionals and it is also often used as a Clean Boost for warming up the signal In the last three years, Finnegan has been working on its successor, which enters the market in new housing. The new Klon KTR Centaur cor...

ThorpyFX, Thorphy effects now in stock

Fallout cloud Peacekeeper Gunshot The veteran The Warthog

Haar custom Michae Landau HH specs

light swamp ash body blonde tortoise pickguard HH custom made HB ABM vintage tremelo aged light NOS

Truetone CS6 . quiet , powerfull , Low profile CS6

Introducing the Low-Profile CS6 Following on the tremendous success of the 1 SPOT Pro CS7 and CS12, Truetone presents the most powerful slim line power supply in its class, the 1 SPOT Pro CS6. Utilizing the energy efficient technology found in all 1 SPOT’s, the CS6 is the first low-profile power brick to be able to put out up to 1600mA of pure, silent power. Just like its bigger brothers i...

Redwood t style

our first redwood t-style guitar building klein pickups coming in this one gonna be finished in "Caramel burst"

Haar guitars will use, and resell ABM guitar parts made in Germany

Familie Mueller gründete die Firma Ende der 1920er Jahre . Sie machte sich einen Namen als Hersteller für Instrumenten-Bauteile. Schoenbach galt zu dieser Zeit als ein Zentrum der europäischen Musikinstrumenten-Produktion. Nach dem 2. Weltkrieg wurde das Egerland Teil der Tschechoslowakei. Die Müllers wurden ausgewiesen und fanden in der Nähe von Nürnberg eine neue Heimat und eröffneten ...

Louis electric amplifiers …coming soon

Louis Electric Amplifiers is a boutique amp designer and amp manufacturer of the finest hand-wired guitar amplifiers available today. Based in New Jersey, Louis Electric has been building amplifiers for over 20 years and has worked with such artists as Keith Richards, John Fogerty, Danny Gatton, Hubert Sumlin, Warren Haynes, Jorma Kaukonen, Duke Robillard, Robben Ford, Ana Popovic, Jackson Browne ...

RJS amplification

new arrivals RHS amplificatioen with Merren transformers

FX amps in stock

new arrivals Classic plex '68 creamy ovedrive Gold digger

Trad-T , ‘ 72 custom

coming soon trad-T ' 72 fralin wide range pickups alder bodes colors: black, sonic , 2 tone

Ramble Effects at Haar Guitars

Marvel Drive's JFET based design is different than most distortion pedals. JFETs are a type of transistor which behaves very similarly to vacuum tubes. In fact, part of Marvel Drive's circuit is identical to that of a plexi amplifier, substituting JFETs for vacuum tubes. Your search for the perfect plexi pedal is over! Marvel Drive delivers the KRRR-ANG, crunch, and growl that has defined rock to...

Cast engineering at Haar guitars

The Texas Flood overdrive pedal spawned from countless hours of research and development to take one of the highly acclaimed drive circuits that Cesar Diaz built for Stevie Ray Vaughan's signal chain. You see, this circuit was one of several making up SRV's tone. We wanted to create a standalone drive pedal that had all the magic of the Cesar Diaz circuit and then some. We brought more transparen...

new Two rock classic reverb signature models

Suhr Shiba Kiko Loureiro

INTRODUCING THE KIKO LOUREIRO SIGNATURE SHIBA DRIVE RE|LOADED PEDAL The Kiko Loureiro Signature Shiba Drive Re|Loaded is the result of the collaboration between Suhr and Megadeth guitarist Kiko Loureiro. Since 2015 Kiko has used an original Shiba Drive as his main overdrive in the studio and live for both his solo and Megadeth projects. Kiko primarily uses his Shiba Drive as a boost to ...

BJF pedals / Bearfoot, they are back at Haar guitars

the Trinity of Tone BearFoot FX designer Björn Juhl (BJFe) mastered balancing these three elements of great tone long ago. Every BearFoot circuit centers around expertly combining these essentials to capture the most natural tones in recorded and live music production. we where one of the earlier BJFF selling point and now after a long period they are back at Haar guitars

Steel String clean drive ……….coming soon

coming soon based on the steel string dumble amp, no ; 1 price idea 199.00 euro

Mark Knopfler guitars

MarK Knopfler style guitars these will be ready very soon ………………….. customer orders all pre sold ……………..

MojoHand pedals are back………..at Haar Guitars

……………..Mojohand is back at Haar Guitars new models in stock now Extra special Sacred Cow Rook royale V2 Magpie Superlative Rounder El Guapo Mirro ball Mojo Hand FX is a family owned and operated business originally founded in Kirbyville, Texas and currently located in Holland, Michigan as part of the Cusack Music family of brands. We make useful, practical ...

ZZ top european tour magnatone amps

comming soon

ZZ top and Magnatone super 59 amps

Bill Gibbons 27 juni HMH Amsterdam

ZZ top and Magnatone super 59

New Magnatone amps in stock

Super 59 head MK 2 , ...................... ZZ Top's , Billy Gibbons, Jeff beck Super 59 MK2 combo 1*12 Panoramic 2*10 stereo comnbo Panoramic head stereo

Bogner “La Grange”

in stock 3 May Continuing our series of pedals based on amplifiers, the La Grange is designed to emulate the legendary British "Plexi" amplifier tones, which every legendary guitarist has played at one time or another. An array of controls and switches, including an independent foot-switchable boost, deliver decades of Plexi tones.

Hook Little Lenny en Dual 45 in black tolex


Atma heads now in Tolex shell

Ecstasy style Goldfinger style Helios Style  

Fernando parent at Namm USA playing with Haar custom guitars

Fernando Pareta is and Argentinian guitarist and singer with great national an international projection. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He grew up in direct contact with music, listening to his grandfather´s bandoneon, first bandoneon of Horacio Salgan´s orchestra. At 9 years old started to study guitar, when he was 17 with his band “Fernando Pareta Trio” began live shows with his...

Hershel Yatovitz (Chris Isaak band) at Namm a Haar and Chicken picks

Hershel Yatovitz (Chris Isaak band) at Namm holding a Haar and  uses Chicken picks

Thornbucker’s new arrival

black white parchment raw Nickel  

Replicator…………. they are coming

HANDCRAFTED IN DENMARK 100% analog signal True bypass Two playbackheads for three modes of operation Tap tempo Kill dry switch Expression pedal control of time and feedback   week 51 we get the first batch  

George Kooijmans, Leendert Haaksma, Frank Carillo

Grazy tube circuits , starlight T-rex tunemasters T-rex  tonetrunk minor  

new delivery Dr. Z amps


Musik Produktiv Messe (de grote muziekbeurs bij Musik Produktiv)

Bogner amplification Hook amplification and Haar Guitars will be there find us in booth number  2.39   is aanwizugDrie dagen vol met live muziek, een keur aan nieuwe en interessante muziekinstrumenten, allerlei innovatieve muziekelektronica en het beste op het gebied van studio en live-uitrusting: dat is het recept van de Musik Produktiv Messe in Ibbenbüren. De grootste...

Brunetti Plexi man head’s arrived

NOW IN STOCK !!! PLEXI. To celebrate 25 years of Brunetti, we wanted to design a new model that would make history in the world of guitar amplification. The PLEXIMAN is the result of our efforts. This very special head is small in size, but is incredibly powerful. It has many similarities with its older ‘sister’, the Customwork Mercury. There are two tube powered channels plus other new fea...

new designed T rex pedalboard in action

T rex new pedal pedalbaord     Tonetrunk

Coming soon

Haar 1 piece mahagony quilted maple 5 a top wave blue matched headstock Hollow  

Jesse van Ruller with his new Magnatone twilighter 1*12

http://www.jessevanruller.com/     Fantastic  Duth  Jazz ( and more ) Guitarplayer, with is new Magnatone Twilighter  1*12    

Neil Young on tour with Magnatone amps

Neil Young playing Magnatone twilighter amps 1*12 combo's

New designed T-rex tonetrunk pedal boards

Great new designed pedalboards by  T- rex Leveling brackets for wah or volume pedals Universal Powersuply mounting brackets Gigbag in 4 sizes Minor TT45 TT56 TT70  

New design , Tone Trunk pedal boards

amazing new looks powersuply mounting  under the board 4  new sizes soft cases first best design we seen sofar in a pedal board and for a price level you never think it could be possible more information soon...................... arrival soon   .............................  

Haar custom made in Argentina

Fernando Pareta http://www.fernandopareta.com.ar   Fernando Pareta is and Argentinian guitarist and singer with great national an international projection. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He grew up in direct contact with music, listening to his grandfather´s bandoneon, first bandoneon of Horacio Salgan´s orchestra. At 9 years old started to study guitar, when he was 17 w...

Reactive Load

The Suhr Reactive Load delivers you a simple solution to capture all of the warmth, and dynamics of your sound, without the hassle of miking a speaker cabinet during a live or recorded performance.   now in stock  

Root effects VINTAGE DRIVE in stock

ROOT Vintage Drive is a fully analogue effect. It is the result of combining the idea of vintage sound with the modern and uncompromising approach to designing electronics. Only in this way has it been feasible to obtain the full sound range - from the classic medium drive, present in the first designs of the kind to the modern, juicy overdrive with its vintage character fully retained. Designed i...

Tonebakery creme brûlée pedals soon

Creme Brulee The Tone Bakery Creme Brulee Boost makes your lead tones sing and your rhythm tones warm and fat. It started life as a recreation of the most highly valued boost of all time, then we added a slight bump in the midrange to make it extra creamy. Think Warren Haynes/David Grissom. The Creme Brulee doesn't take anything away from your natural tone, it sounds like an extension of your amp...

Triggerfinger on Magnatone amps

twilighter stereo's and a fuzz box

what to do with remnants of Haar guitarwood ?

1 burn it  ?   2. or make a race track out of it  ....................

Triggerfinger …..Ruben Block,

on Magnatone's twilighter's stereo www.Triggerfinger.net 12 december Heineken music hall      

Matt Bidoglia

Matt Bidoglia on tour with is Haar custom guitar

Tim Knol en Nico Dijkshoorn , ………Haar custom’ s

Tim Knol www.timknol.nl   Nico Dijkshoorn " my search for the ultimate str. guitar is over " "life is too short for a shitty guitar"   .......where did we heard this before .............? www.nicodijkshoorn.com